About the Journal

Gomal University Journal of Research (established in 1981- ISSN: (print) 1019-8180 and (online) 2708-1737) is an official journal of Gomal University recognized by HEC in "Y" category. It is a quarterly (4-issues), broad-spectrum, Blind Peer-Review, Open Access, and internationally indexed journal. Journal publishes Original Research Papers, Review Articles, Communications, Invited reviews, Commentaries, and Research Notes that conform to its scope and editorial standards. In order to expedite the process, the journal introduced the Online Journal Management System for online submission and processing of the manuscripts. The Journal is currently following the HEC criteria for "X" category in processing and publication of research articles.  

Aims & Objectives

  • To encourage and support the researchers from the social sciences domain working within scope, scientific principles, and protocols of knowledge.
  • To upkeep an open platform for researchers supporting HEC-Objectives of gradually creating research-culture in higher education institutions.
  • To publish the multi-disciplinary research work of international and national researchers as per the scope of journal within the social sciences domain.
  • To provide an international platform to the local, national, and international researchers to publish their quality research work in the journal.
  • To implement all quality measures proposed by the R&D (HEC) to generate and publish genuine research work in the research journal.
  • The leading target of the journal is to be a member of those Pakistan journals who are making substantive contributions to the generation and recording of knowledge in different areas of research from the social sciences.

Scope of Journal

Gomal University Journal of Research is publishing the Research Articles in the following domains"

 Education and Mass Studies

Adult Education, Curriculum, Elementary, Secondary & Higher Education, Health & Physical Education and Mass Communication

 Human and Society

Business & Economics, Gender Studies, Human Rights, Sociology, Social Work and Psychology

 Government and Politics

Defense Studies, Strategic Studies, International Relations, Management & Public AdministrationPolitical Science and Public Policy

 Historical and Regional Studies

Asian and African StudiesHistory and Pakistan Studies