Publication Schedule

The publication schedule of the Gomal University Journal of Research comprises One (1) VOLUME with Four (4) ISSUES each year with the following descriptions:


Period for Publishing FIRST ISSUE: January-March

Paper Submission Deadline: 1st January – 31st January

Review Process: 1st February – 28th February

Publication: 31st MARCH


Period for Publishing SECOND ISSUE: April-June

Paper Submission Deadline: 1st April – 30th April

Review Process: 1st May – 31st May

Publication: 30th JUNE


Period for Publishing THIRD ISSUE: July-September

Paper Submission Deadline: 1st July – 30th July

Review Process: 1st August – 31th August

Publication: 30th SEPTEMBER


Period for Publishing FOURTH ISSUE: October-December

Paper Submission Deadline: 1st October – 31th October

Review Process: 1st November – 30th November

Publication: 31st DECEMBER